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Chongqing University (CQU) is a key national university and a member of the “Excellence League”, located in Chongqing, Southwest China. It is also one of the “211 Project and 985 Project” universities with full support in the construction and development from the central government and Chongqing Municipal Government. 

Founded in 1929, Chongqing University now consists of six faculties in Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Built Environment, Information Science and Technology. The University has 35 schools, and offers 96 undergraduate programs, 236 postgraduate programs, 121 doctoral programs, 19 professional degrees, and 29 mobile workstations for postdoctoral study.


At present, Chongqing University runs 26 colleges or faculties, plus the Graduate school, the City College of Science and Technology, the College of Continuing Education, the College of Networking Education. The University now has a total enrollment of 52,000 students, of which 16,000 are master's and doctoral students.

The university owns 18 mobile workstations for postdoctoral study, 16 preliminary-level programs and 60 secondary-level programs for doctoral study, 182 programs for master's degree study as well as 9 specialized master's degree programs, namely MBA, EMBA,MPA, master of engineering, and 82 bachelor's degree programs.

Currently, the university has a total number of 5,742 faculty and staff members, among which 2,709 are full-time teachers, 10 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and of the Chinese Academy of Science (including academicians engaged from other institutions), 5 members of the Subject Appraisal Team of the Degree Committee under the State Council, 15 titled the state-level middle-aged or young experts with distinguished contribution, 277 doctoral tutors, 330 experts awarded the governmental allowance, 1,530 full professors and associate professors.


Chongqing University covers a total area of 5,700 mu (about 178 hectares), with 1.68 million square meters of construction space. The university library is well equipped with modern facilities of large scale, with a collection of 3.27 million volumes, 6000 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, and 500,000 volumes of E-books. In addition to electronic reading rooms, the China Education Research Network (CERNET) Chongqing Central Node is set up in the library.

Chongqing University is in possession of 12 state level key subjects and key constructed subjects under the state "211 Project", 80 provincial or ministerial level key subjects. The university sets up 9 specially appointed professor posts under the "Yangtze River Scholar Award Program". It has established 3 national teaching bases for fundamental courses and a national quality education base for college students, 8 national key labs and ministerial key labs, 42 provincial key labs, and 93 labs of different specialties.

Moreover, Chongqing University has constructed the distance education center, multi-media classrooms of large scale and interactive audio-visual classrooms, labs or training centers in cooperation with world famous enterprises such as Siemens, Microsoft, IBM, Rockwell, Omron, etc.

The university has a national key publishing house, a national first-class architectural designing institute, and a first-class institute for planning and design. In 2001, Chongqing University Technology Park came into being, being one of the 22 state-level university technology parks in China. Now a unique school-running pattern has been formed in the university which is characterized by offering a wide category of disciplines, rationalizing its disciplinary structure, maintaining its prominent advantage in engineering disciplines, increasingly enriching science disciplines, and further developing such lisciplines as economics, management, and humanities and social sciences.

In recent years, the university has undertaken over 100 national key scientific projects of different types, and won 13 National Awards for Invention, 40 Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement, 4 Awards for Natural Science, 968 ministerial and provincial awards, 283 Awards for Teaching Achievement. Chongqing University attaches importance to international academic exchange and cooperation.

It has established inter-school exchange links with 40 institutions of higher education in 20 countries such as the USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Holland, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. Since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, Chongqing University has sent nearly 3000 teachers abroad for further study, attending international academic conference, or for academic visit or inspection; and received over 7200 overseas scholars including some world famous scholars like Dr. Z. N. Yang, Dr. Z. D. Li, Dr. C. L. Tien, Dr. L. R. Klein. Besides, the university has forged cooperative relations with about 20 prestigious international corporations or institutions such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, IBM, Microsoft, Lipo Group, New York Life Insurance, Omron, FUNUC and etc. Chongqing University is a university specified by the Ministry of Education to receive overseas students who are granted the Chinese Government Scholarship.

Up to now, overseas students from over 20 countries including South Korea, Tailand, the U.S., Japan, Vietnam, Syria, Ghana, Mali, Iraq, etc. have come to Chongqing University for study. In 2008, there are more than 200 international students enrolled to Chongqing university, doing PhD degrees, or Master's degrees, or bachelor's degrees, or just studying Chinese language.


Looking on the future, catching the historical opportunity of the West Development and of the joint financial support from the state Ministry of Education and Chongqing Municipal government, Chongqing University is fully committed to implementing the strategy of "prospering the country and Chongqing city with science-and-technology and education", sticking to its education philosophy of "taking root in Chongqing, finding a foothold in the Southwest, facing the West, Serving the whole nation, stepping towards the world", carrying forward its excellent schooling tradition, striving for the realization of its goal of developing Chongqing University into a first-class comprehensive research university in China, with unique characteristics and international fame.

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