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    Standing next to the Middle Gate of Campus A of Chongqing University, Xuelin Hotel is an eight-storey building run by escalator. It has altogether 180 rooms, among them there are 11 single rooms, 129 double rooms, 5 deluxe single rooms, 31 deluxe standard rooms and 4 suites. All rooms are equipped with TV set, air-conditioner, water heater, desk, wardrobe, bed, chair and bathroom. To have access to internet, the user needs to pay 55 RMB per month for the internet connection fee. On the 4th floor, the 7th floor and the 8th floor, there are public kitchen (equipped with fridge, microwave and electric stove) and laundry room(equipped with washing machine and drier). Meeting room, gym and reception room are based on the 4th floor, the 2nd and the 1st floor respectively.

    Room Price

    Room Type Room Price Notes
    Single Room RMB 5000.00 5000 RMB pay by semester,10000 RMB pay by academic year
    Double Room RMB 2500.00 2500 RMB pay by semester,5000 RMB pay by academic year

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