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    Located on campus D of Chongqing University at University Town, Lanyuan No.6 International students Dorm is a six-floor building run by elevator. It had altogether 210 rooms, among them there are 150 single rooms and 60 double rooms. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, water heater, electric fan, teakettle , desk, bed, wardrobe, chair and bathroom .To have access to internet, the user needs to pay 10 RMB to 50 RMB per month based on different Mbytes. And there are 2 public kitchens (equipped with TV set, refrigerator, microwave, air-conditioner, electric stove, chairs and tables) on each floor, apart from laundry room, gym and meeting room on the first floor. Within 50 meters, there are playground (table tennis, basketball and badminton devices are available), canteen, supermarket, library, two lakes and activity center. Students can take school mini bus to other places around the campus. Neighboring Campus D are Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing Normal University and Third Military Medical University which all together create a strong academic atmosphere for the students. It is also adjacent to the famous business street of University Town Xijie where students can go shopping and do some recreational activities. As for the transportation, there are school buses to Campus A, B, C in Shapingba District every 40 minutes from 7 a.m. to 9:50 p.m. every day. In addition, not very far away from the campus D, there is Metro Line 1 heading to the main districts as well.
    1.The students live in Huxi International Students Dorm should be:① undergraduates(except undergraduates from College of Architecture and College of MEISHI Film)② postgraduates from the following colleges: College of Foreign Language, College of Literature and Journalism, College of Software, College of Mathematics and Statistics,College of Physics.
    2. Scholarship-support students are exempt from the rent (include Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Scholarship, etc.). The rent-free period starts a week before the register day on the Admission Notice, and ends on the graduation day required by the university. Students live before or after this period will be charged per day as short time accommodation. Students who suspend or ask for a leave longer than 60 days are not allowed to enjoy the free accommodation in the dorm, and are also required to move out. Students who want to continue to live in the dorm in these above situations should pay for the rent per day as short time accommodation.
    3. As for students live in the Songlinpo Dorm and Xulin Hotel, all are exempt from the water fee, while for the self-support students, the electricity fee is charged for 0.52 RMB per kilowatt. And scholarship-support students will receive 100 RMB’s allowance of electricity every month, which equals 192 kilowatts’ electricity. The extra usage will also be charged for 0.52 RMB per kilowatt; Self-support students living in Huxi International Students Dorm should pay for the water fee as 3.5 RMB per ton and electricity fee as 0.52 RMB per kilowatt. Scholarship-support students living in Huxi International Students Dorm enjoys 20 tons’ free water and 150 kilowatts’ free electricity every semester and will also receive an allowance of 100RMB every month. The extra usage will be charged for 3.5 RMB per ton for water and 0.52 RMB per kilowatt for electricity. (Notice: if there is any change about the water and electricity fee, the charge will be implemented according to the latest standard.)
    4.International Students Dorm is an important place for all the international students to live and study, therefore every student live in it should follow the accommodation regulations of international students.

    Room Price

    Room Type Room Price Notes
    Single Room RMB 4500.00 Per semester; 8500 Academic Year
    Double Room RMB 2500.00 Per semester; 4750 Academic Year

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